The Label

The J Benzal man is an international fellow.
    He's a jetsetter.
    And style icon.

He has a sense of style and flare that transcends his city or location. He wants suiting and he wants it right. He knows the importance of a tailored suit and an Italian imported tie. He's edgy, sophisticated, & smart. He's what every man wants to be, needs to be, and longs to be. He's J.Benzal.

You know the man. The man whose charm is impeccable. Whose intelligence is undeniable. Whose smile is untraceable. He steps into a room and ultimately all eyes turn to him. They wonder who he is, where he's from and where he's going. He's a man who knows the importance of style, sophistication, and class. He's fascinating. He's J Benzal.

J.Benzal ~ Where Style Lives

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